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    Twenty years after its founding, Ardian a single French buyout fund became Europe’s leading private investment company. As well as the world’s fourth largest one in terms of private equity assets under management. With assets of US$65bn managed or advised in Europe, North America and Asia. On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Ardian chose to look toward the future and brought together a group of employees to co-create with the board the requirements of the future brand for the coming 20 years.


    A 3 step methodology :

    — Interviewing 20 internal and external stakeholders to understand the perceptions of Ardian and to identify the talents to nominate as project ambassadors (13 employees from every Europe, North America, Asia).

    — Building the Ardian brand vision and the action plan to pave the way for the company’s success for the next 20 years. By conducting a workshop with the project ambassadors. Presented one month later by the project ambassadors to the Ardian board for feedbacks, rework and validation.

    — Helping the project ambassadors to bring to life the action plan on five steams of work: reputation, impact, disruption, cohesion & talent. By organizing work sessions on each topic with sponsors, such a sociologists and experts to bring their knowledge and advises. By conducting visio-calls with Ambassadors on each topic to present them the next steps and encouraging them to interview other employees and come up with first proposals. By animating a two-day workshop with Ambassadors and two facilitators (an improv theater actor and a live illustrator) to develop concrete proposals on each stream of work. Ending on an exchange with Dominique Senequier, the founder in the company, for fine-tuning. And ultimately presented to the Ardian Board.


    The Ardian founder and board validated many Ambassadors proposals regarding Ardian’s external and internal communications including economic papers, the Ardian Foundation and CSR initiatives, the arrival kit and the Ardian University for new talents to ensure a strong cohesion and culture while the company is growing and diversifying. Ending up with the creation of a Millennials Comex composed of the ambassadors of the project, in order to ensure better communication between the Comex and employees and come-up with concrete proposals when needed.