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    After 17 years in the AXA portfolio, AXA Private Equity was spun off under the name Ardian.  The company, however, did not want to lose its brand equity as the European leader in private equity.

    The challenge was to create a new, independent brand while preserving and leveraging the reputation, trust and prestige generated over the course of many years as an AXA subsidiary, to both reassure and motivate employees in the face of this change.


    Ogilvy Consulting helped AXA Private Equity become Ardian using a 3-step methodology: analyze the internal and external perceptions of the existing brand, define the Ardian brand, and develop the new graphic design and visual identity.

    Through PR and media partnerships, Ogilvy Consulting helped launch the new Ardian brand and visual identity, leading to quick public acceptance and support.

    The business has flourished, growing from $36 billion to $55 billion in Assets  Managed/Advised in two years, and opening new practices and offices.


    This successful outcome led to an additional project, “Ardian Quest 2036,” to define Ardian’s purpose and culture for the next 20 years with a team of young ambassadors.