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    After 17 years into the fold of AXA, AXA Private Equity decided to claim its independence. Its priority was to do so while still remaining the European leader in private equity in a very disputed market. The first step was thus to create a new, strong and meaningful brand: Ardian. The challenge for OgilvyRED Paris was completely rethink the future brand’s positioning, definition and graphical codes while keeping in mind a double stake:

    — Creating a new, independent brand while keeping and leveraging the reputation, trust and prestige garnered over the course of 17 years as an Axa subsidiary

    — Reassuring and motivating all employees in the face of this change


    « AXA Private Equity becomes Ardian », a 3-step methodology:

    — Analysis of the internal and external perceptions to understand and measure the stakes for Axa Private Equity

    — Definition of the Ardian brand

    — Development of the graphical charter and visual identity

    This mission’s succesful outcome has led to an ongoing new project, « Ardian Quest 2036 »: defining Ardian’s purpose, culture and citizenship for the next 20 years with a team of young ambassadors.


    Thanks to PR and comms, the rebranding of Axa Private Equity was fully accepted, even welcomed. As a result, the business flourished.

    46,4% of the company is now owned by the staff and the management and there has been no rise in turnover

    No confidence was lost and investors followed through with the rebranding.

    Ardian went from $36 billion in 2013 to $55 billion in 2015 in Assets Managed/Advised

    Ardian diversified its activities and opened to new territories: a Real Estate Division was created in 2015.

    Ardian opened 2 new offices in Madrid and San Francisco in 2015.