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    Acquired 3 years ago by a Chinese investor, Jin Jiang International - a world leader in the travel and hospitality market, the French hospitality brand, Louvre Hotels began its conquest of the Chinese market through its iconic brand Campanile.

    To strengthen the Campanile brand and make it relevant in China and around the world, Ogilvy Consulting worked on its brand repositioning and elaborated the new customer experience for the brand.

    Even though Campanile used to be a pioneer and historical player in the mid-range hospitality marketin France, it needed and upgrade in order to become able to expand to new markets.  In consumer terms, the company needed to address the existing perceptions that their brand was low-end and outdated.


    In order to meet travelers’ expectations and to stand out on a market that was filled up on one hand with the hotels that were cheap but standardized, or on the other hand, the high cost ones, we capitalized on Campanile’s brand story: a family hotel brand that was founded by a couple who transformed one of their hotels into their permanent residence..

    We leveraged Campanile’s emotional brand story through a socially-driven, yet authentic model: “The Home of good moments.”

    We communicated their positioning through the tagline “Hotels for people. Moments for sharing,” developing new brand proof points, design and visual identity and a brand-to-staff manifesto that empowers staff to help guests spend good moments in every Campanile hotel.