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    Crédit Mutuel is one of the biggest French banks.

    Aware of the evolution of banking i.e. disruption with fintech companies, the end of the traditional bank subsidiaries and new tools to invest and borrow money for consumers, they needed to rethink their model to both adapt and anticipate big changes in the market.

    Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe asked Ogilvy Consulting to lead an Employee team in explore potential futures for the bank and its clients.


    Ogilvy Consulting supported Crédit Mutuel in a core mission to reinvent its business model without compromising its strong differentiating brand factors, such as its cooperative approach and a brick-and-mortar presence all over France.

    Using proprietary foresight methods, we divided the field of research into 4 relevant futures corresponding to 4 major trends: explosion of inequalities, seniorization of society, ultra localism, and disruption of banks.

    We then conducted interviews with « extreme users » that were at the forefront of these trends to develop insights on the brank’s current and future clients.

    We then « futured-back » the findings to generate ideas of products and services and built the roadmap of evolution of the bank for the coming years.


    From this process, Crédit Mutuel is developing four potential new value propositions.