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    Davigel was facing difficult times. Several scandals had hit the food industry, the « home-made trend » was becoming more and more mainstream, causing a deterioration of business KPIs and massive demotivation among its employees.

    This resulted in a poorly attractive employer brand versus competitors, according to Brand and HR KPIs.

    So the shareholders came to us with a tough question: « How do we reverse the Employee demotivation / bad business results downward spiral? »


    When we started to work with Davigel, what immediately struck us was the gap between the reality of the company and the perception employees and candidates had of it.

    While gathering all the data to fill our gap analysis framework, we discovered that part of Davigel’s business model was to sell frozen prepared food, but that it also had a strong offer of fresh products delivery - through which the company had developed a strong relationship with farmers and small producers - and that no one knew really about.

    On the other hand, employees believed they worked for an industrial company that produced poor quality frozen meals. More,« Davigel » was associated with frozen food only (« gel »).
    In order to bridge the gap we decided to formalize an employee value proposition.

    But to be truly efficient, the EVP must be consistent with the brand and business strategies, this is why Davigel needed a clear brand strategy statement that would support its business strategy. So we first needed to revitalize the brand by emphasizing its link with traditional French food: Davigel would now position as the promoter of « authentic cuisine ».

    Once the brand positioning clearly established, we collaboratively iterated and defined an inspiring employee value proposition to current and prospective employees: « Feeding you. »

    This transformative idea was powered by the strong commitment that Davigel would invest in its talents, in order for them to know more. And if employees got the right knowledge, if they were aware of the sourcing of their products, they could not only sell them better, but also have a positive impact on society by spreading healthier food for everyone.


    Our work with Davigel ambassadors galvanized the employees and the salesforce, leading to a stabilization of the turnover.

    Davigel was sold by Nestlé and was immediately purchased by Brakes (UK).