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    From the earliest age, games are part of our lives: a source of relaxation, leisure, emotions, , friendship... Gambling is no exception. La Française des Jeux, a long-standing player and leader on the French gambling market, enables more than 28 million of French people to try their luck every year. However, gambling is not without risk and can lead to dependency-. La Française des Jeux has a preventive role to play, so that gambling remains what it was designed for, a leisure.


    The last few years, the arrival of sports bets in points of sale has significantly increased the willingness of underage to gamble. Yet, starting gambling before the age of 18 doubles the risk of addiction in adulthood.


    Using behavioral sciences, we wanted to to raise awareness amongst players for the risks of gambling. We had two targets to take on board. First, retailers, who are often powerless and are looking for tools and supports to counter this phenomenon. Secondly, gamblers who are unaware of the risks associated with underage gambling.


    Our creative nudge practice came up with an intervention idea : Reglo, the responsible scratch game, the first scratch game which teaches you that gambling is not for underage.  This creative intervention combined two important ideas. First of all, this playful (and un-stigmatizing) mode of communication was understandable by all and perfectly adapted to the players. Secondly, based on behavioral sciences, we used a game to reinforce the memorization of the rule: because it’s only logical to propose a game to target the players!


    Four versions of Reglo scratch tickets were available in more than 150 points of sale. The launch of a mini website extended the experiment: it allowed players to test their knowledge about responsible gaming via a quiz.


    The intervention was a success and the project was very well received by retailers and players. More than 75000 scratch tickets were sold, and more than 4000 players extended the experience via the website.