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    The Gérard Bertrand brand has been built on mass distribution. As many agricultural SMBs, the firm started to sell, then to produce more, and finally to market its offer intuitively to meet market success. This pattern of growth has been detrimental to the brand’s perception: while Gérard Bertrand products were known for their superior quality, the extensive product ranges, their inconsistency and the brand’s lack of distinctiveness got the consumers lost.


    In order to help the company achieve its ambition to pursue the conquest of the Chinese and American markets, we had to build a strong brand that would directly resonate with the customers’ aspirations. This implied using the brand heritage as a driving force and integrating the founder (Gérard Bertrand himself) to the core of the brand.

    To address this challenge, Ogilvy Consulting carried out several immersions in Gérard Bertrand’s wineries and led a thorough study on wine consumers’ expectations and behaviors evolution worldwide. We tested our first intuitions throughout focus groups gathering American target consumers. As a result of this analysis process, we crafted a new positioning, at the crossroads of the brand’s historical DNA and consumers’ pursuit for a strong brand with a distinctive storytelling.

    We then redesigned the brand portfolio in order for it to be consistent with the new branding. In order for the brand architecture to reflect the new positioning, we crafted each range’s new positioning. We implemented it through the rebranding of the three best-selling products, a new visual identity and the copy-writing of more than twenty Gérard Bertrand products’ unique selling propositions.