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    Golden Tulip, the 4* business travel hotel brand part of the Louvre Hotels Group, was facing unprecedented business challenges. Jing Jiang International, Louvre Hotels’ new investor, wanted to capitalize on Golden Tulip’s powerful network, while keeping ahead of industry newcomers.

    So they came to us with a tough question: « How can we become the 4* business travel global leader of tomorrow » ?

    We immediately realized that Golden Tulip was stuck between trendy, authentic 21st century boutique hotels, and big, standardized American hospitality chains.


    Our strategy was inspired by a simple but powerful insight : by 2020, Millennials would make up 50% of business travelers. The problem was that targeting them is not easy : they are discerning, demanding clients who offer no second chance. However, once hooked, Millennials could become Golden Tulip’s strongest allies because they are early adopters and influencers who share all their experiences, hence shaping mainstream behaviors.

    But Millennials are often disappointed of their travel experience: going abroad for work sounds exciting in theory, but in truth, guests have no time to live and share local experiences. Because Millennials don’t want to separate life from work, and because they want fun in all their endeavors, we came up with a new, unique proposition for travel and business : Playful Business.

    This refreshing perspective on business travel had to stretch from corporate positioning, all the way to the actual guest experience, so travelers could find the promise in any Golden Tulip they visited worldwide.

    Eventually, in partnership with Landor Paris, we redesigned the visual identity of the brand.


    The new brand and experience is now being implemented across its 280 hotels worldwide. It was released to the press on July 2016, and covered in both mainstream and specialized hospitality media.

    It immediately won a distinction at the 2016 Worldwide Hospitality Awards