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    Le Groupe La Poste, the French postal service company, had to find new levers of growth in a reduced postal services usage. Despite being a pioneer in digital transformation, it was not perceived, internally or externally, as being at the forefront of technology or trustworthy in its management of customer data.

    Ogilvy Consulting’s challenge was twofold: find a way for La Poste to to build credibility towards the mainstream in data management by linking it to its core DNA,  and install internal systems to continuously improve data management practices.


    Diving into La Poste’s history, we realized that it actually had a very long experience of managing customer data.

    Leveraging Ogilvy’s proprietary Brand Purpose methodology (Big IdeaL™) Ogilvy Consulting developed a “Data Vision”  which defined the company’s purpose, stance and objectives for data management: “Collect and analyze data to give new tools to the postman in order to facilitate exchange and help people save precious time.” And we made postmen the ambassadors of this new brand by sending them to the CES in Las Vegas, as well as allowing them to suggest innovations from the bottom-up.


    More than 20 such projects are brought forward each year, and La Poste has found its place as a natural leader in the field of delivery and data management.