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    Our client is one of the world leaders in urban and suburban public transport networks.

    To build its vision of shared and sustainable mobility in the service of territories and people, this historical leader has developed a vision to reinvent itself as a mobility operator.  Our client will embrace the many forms of transportation: peer-to-peer ridesharing, carpooling, and the growing role of digital and data in urban mobility.

    For our client to make its inspiring vision into tangible business innovation, it needed a strategy for new services, new business models, new user experiences.


    Ogilvy Consulting supported this historical leader in the definition and implementation of the innovation roadmap for the coming years.

    We applied a breakthrough innovation methodology called Back to the Future. Rather than looking to incremental technology innovation from competitors, our proprietary methodology focuses on social, technological, economic environmental and political macro-rends (STEEP) that will have impact on society through 2030. This approach enables us to identify challenges for the future (e.g. how do we transform time of transportation into moments of acceleration or deceleration of the rhythms of life?). These questions provoked the design of useful, innovative and unique solutions to make ou client a thriving, future-oriented business.


    We created several prototypes of disruptive innovation that bring to life our client’s vision of a shared and sustainable mobility, and which will inspire and mobilize its teams for the years to come.