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    When the directors of MAF (French Mutual Fund for Architects), came to us, they asked us a tough question: « How can we secure leadership now that our market is liberalized, and a myriad of new entrants try to drive prices down? »

    Since 1931, MAF was in a monopoly situation. Public authorities decided to open the architecture insurance market, while it was hit by several dynamics: architectural firms were growing in size, they were more and more mindful of cost optimization, and needed to invest massively in technology to keep up with the flow.

    All those factors were threatening MAF’s hegemony, so we needed to help them remain the number one choice for architects when it is about insurance.


    To minimize market share loss, MAF needed to create preference in the mind of architecture professionals. In practice, this meant switching from an institution to a brand - a B2B brand. To do that, we were convinced we needed to build on MAF’s expertise, its knowledge of the business’ challenges, while emphasizing the strong and long lasting relation it had with its clients to help them generate growth.

    Rather than position MAF as a sole supplier or service provider, we decided to adopt a position of business partner. In an increasingly complex business environment, with more and more challenging  projects in terms of energy, costs and creativity, MAF needed to stand by its clients to support them and offer them the guarantees they needed.

    This is why we created for MAF a positioning that would inspire their clients to design and undertake to most innovative projects: « We foster boldness. »

    To bring this positioning to life, it was crucial to implement concrete actions that will create strong impact on the business performance of MAF and its clients.

    The first initiative was the deployment of a strong Employee Value Proposition that would leverage MAF’s employees to turn them into ambassadors of the new promise: through this proposition based on MAf’s 80 years of experience, we managed to change their perception of their own work. From now on, they would be real entrepreneurs, whose mission would be to enable all the daring ideas of their clients.

    After that we needed to embody our new positioning in the eyes of the architects themselves, in order to show them that MAF was the most expert partner they could find to understand and address their current business problems. With key opinion leaders, we started several public conversations between professionals and experts of the market, about all the topics that would keep architects up at night.

    Il convenait dans un second temps de s’adresser directement aux architectes, pour positionner la MAF comme un interlocuteur expert des nouveaux enjeux de la profession. Nous avons donc mobilisé des leaders d’opinion, et animé des ateliers de discussion entre professionnels et experts, autour des combats et des mutations du monde de l’architecture, afin de générer de la considération et de recréer de la compétitivité tout en valorisant les clients de la MAF.


    OgilvyRED’s work helped stabilize client retention rates, and even improved client satisfaction KPIs through better perceived services.

    Despite intensifying competition, OgilvyRED’s work allowed MAF to reaffirm its leadership and to extend its awareness in the mind of market professionals and experts.