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    Food industry is accused to be responsible for the obesity crisis. Despite their efforts to improve their products’ nutritional profile, their impact is limited by increasingly unhealthy eating behaviors. As the leading food company, and at the eve of their 150thAnniversary, what should Nestlé do?


    Ogilvy Consulting recommended to launch a global movement to help parents evolve their children’s habits.

    A movement, because Nestlé alone cannot bring the solution—it takes a village to raise a kid.

    A brand new, innovative approach—because changing behaviors, especially children’s ones, is extremely difficult. Behavioral Nutrition was born, a unique mix of behavioral science, nutrition and creativity.

    A very rigorous method—starting with defining precisely the 6 major behaviors that had to change in order to create true health impact. With precise KPIs and research methods to measure progress.

    A generous diversity of innovative, exciting “healthier solutions” to help children adopt new habits, in a fun and easy way—co-created with and implemented in Mexico, the Philippines, Middle-East, Brazil, Panama, Ecuador, Thailand, Egypt, etc.