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    Following the decision of te French regulatory authority, laboratories could not market medicine and medical devices under the same brands as nutritional supplements. So UPSA came to Ogilvy Consulting with a question: « What can we do with our Fervex brands that contain both types of products? »



    From the beginning, we were convinced that this regulatory requirement should be seen as an opportunity for UPSA. It allowed the French laboratory to reinforce its leadership on a consumer market structured around efficiency, while attracting new types of customers willing to switch to more « natural » solutions - a growing cluster.

    We pointed out that, in this opaque and saturated market, UPSA had the legitimacy to bring clarity to doubtful consumers regarding these new solutions. We identifies the opportunity for UPSA to create a new category at the frontier of naturality and effectiveness.

    So we created a new range, positioned on a strong and straightforward idea: simplicity. This positioning was based on the promise that the range was an easy answer to the small daily pains. In accordance with this new positioning, we created a new range name: « Les Élémentaires ». Then, we briefed the CentDegrés agency for the creation of a visual identify and a graphic territory.